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  *Q29 I wrote a book on Network Marketing which is very good that will help many new distributors in my company but my company refuse to promote and sell my book. They sell personal improvement books written by people and even sell T shirts, hats, pens and other promotion materials. What do you think of this company policy.

In the world of MLM, we must always have the right answer to any question or situation and not what we think is the right answer for these question or situation. As leaders must say with confidence that this is the way certain things should be done because we know that if we ask our downlines to do what we tell them, the end result will be the right result that we want to achieve.

Sadly, the majority of leaders today teach their people many things that are wrong because they are based on emotions. I always tell my leaders, "I am not interested in what you think. I am interested in what is the right answer. Tell me why and the end result." I do not claim I know all the right answers and striving to find them has taken a lot of my time.

Where the selling of books written by the leaders through the company is concerned, the right answer is "No" No Company should sell book written by their distributors and sold through the company. This will be a can of worms. If a company does that, then it will be encouraging other leaders to also write their own books and after they have written them, they too expect the company to sell them. When a company sells these books, the company must also be responsible for the teaching written in those books. What if the teaching is wrong? Even if the book written is very good, the company still must not sell it,

The Company must not start a precedent. If a precedent is start then all leaders who write their own books will also expect the company to sell them too even if the book written is a bad one. Let me assure you one thing. All writers think their books are very good and that is why they are written and printed. However over the years, I have read a few bad ones and some good ones that may have a few parts I would not agree with. By the way not everybody agrees with every part of my book too.

If a company wants to sell a book to teach their distributors, I will advise that it must be one written by the company or a book written by someone for the company and sold to the company.

I understand your sincerity in wanting to contribute and pass your knowledge to others but let me tell you the truth. Not everyone wants our knowledge even if we want to pass it to him or her. Actually there will be crosslines who may even be offended because you are teaching their downlines especially if this crossline is not on good terms with you. There are many leaders in many companies and in many countries today who will find my book unsuitable because they are playing games and teaching their downlines to do the same. They will be uncomfortable if their downlines read my book.

You may want to ask me, "Why then did you write your book." Well, I wrote my book to put my over 20 years of study in black and white and I do not care if any one wants it. I did not write the book to make money and that is why I do not even sell the book (English edition) myself. I do not even know the price of my book. My publisher wanted to send me some money for my book as quite a few has been sold and I told him to give the money to charity.

If you read my book, I think you can see I did not write the book for my company. I will only consider my book a success if more distributors from other companies get my book. It is for everyone who wants to learn my work. I do not even promote my book to my downlines. The things I wrote in the book are things I taught my downlines the past 20 years. I gave them my rough brief notes during my training over the years but now the can read it in more detail form. If they want it, it is available and I have also done my part and responsibility as their upline. You should also do the same just for your downlines and if others find out about your work and want it too then OK. This will be your contribution to the industry.

My Chinese edition is sold through normal bookstores in Taiwan and was the best seller for two months. No bad, not bad at all! One day when I have the time, I will make my book, both English and Chinese edition in PDF that all of you can download for free.

It is wrong to compare selling your book to the company selling T shirts, hats, pens and other promotion material. These things are promotional materials and they are risk free as they do not teach distributors how to do MLM. Bad books can cause damage. Teaching distributors how to do MLM is the responsibility of leaders, not the company. When leaders teach wrong things and mess up their group at least the did it themselves, not someone else. Better we kill our own group then for others to do so.

As for the selling of "personal improvement books written by people” Let me give you the right answer again. No company should sell books written for MLM business but they can certainly sell books written for personal improvements. Some authors I recommend are Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Dr Spencer Johnson, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, Zig Zigler, and Dr. Schuller. They are all my teachers.

I hope you like the answer I have given and even if you do not, I want you to know it is the right one. For the last 18 years, I also have leaders in Taiwan who have written books and they too have asked me to sell them through our office and this is the same answer I gave all of them.

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