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  For many years, I was very biased about MLM. I had the misconception that it was a door-to door business where people go knocking on doors selling detergents and cosmetics. At the time I was first introduced to MLM, I was doing fairly well for myself and the very idea of MLM seemed beneath me. Today I am still very biased about MLM, but the polar opposite.

I am fortunate to have had a persistent upline to show me what a truly wonderful business opportunity MLM really is, aside from my initial misconception.

Goodness how times have changed. I have kept my focus in this industry and made it my passion. As a result, my organization is one of the largest on this planet with over 1 million distributorships just in Taiwan and downlines in over 20 additional countries. But what is truly priceless is the freedom and the lifestyle that come with this profession; as an entrepreneur, a husband, a parent, and as a friend.

I Believe

I believe in the right of every individual to achieve financial freedom and to pursue his/her own goals.

I believe this is best achieved through individual free enterprise.

I believe that MLM, by giving us the opportunity to leverage our time is the best free enterprise available to us today.

However let me also make clear that there is very little free about free enterprise. It is my hope that you will pay the price with hard work, commitment and determination to build your business and be a leader of your organization and company.

Today as businesses move more and more towards the corporate world, our economy is dominated by big businesses; resulting in unfair competition to small and medium enterprises from publicly listed companies. I believe the age of individual free multi-level enterprise has just begun and I believe in this exciting option.

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